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Aug 14, 2009 6:00pm EDT
. he was all hat and plenty of cattle. the governor of montana will join me in just a moment. plus, the dumber than joe the plumber crazies are ratcheting up the madness. congressman adam schiff, he drew a crowd of 3,000 people to his town hall. he'll join me to talk about it at the bottom of the hour, what he ran into. >>> the newster's got a six-point battle plan for caribou barbie. newt, i got one for you too, number seven. sarah, stop lying to people about how the death panel's going to be wiping out the senior citizen population in america. stephen a. smith is in the houston night. the national football league and the philadelphia eagles a have decided to give michael vick a second chance. are you ready to give michael vick a second chance? get your cell phones out right now and text "a" for yes and "b" for no to 622639. we'll have a big discussion on this tonight. all that, and of course the drugster is back in "psycho talk." "daily show" co-creator lizz winstead weighs in on the edwards baby daddy drama. it will be a dandy. >>> first tonight's "op ed." all right, the preside
Aug 13, 2009 6:37pm EDT
for that reason, too. >>> the president's going to go on the road tomorrow, a town hall meeting in montana, max bachus's backyard. if there was ever a time to call out a colleague and not giving the president what he wants, it would be max backus. what's the mission here? >> the mitts is none too subtle. carol lee tomorrow on politico is reporting that the tickets will be given out for the president's town hall on health care in a little different way, first come, first served, which means there could be more dissent and a little more excitement. people have said the president is good at asking questions, he should go ahead and take the tough questions, nobody is going to rattle him, and he doesn't get tagged with the suggestion he does, that the questions were too easy, because the people were screaming, so maybe a little excitement tomorrow night in montana. >> thanks, mike. mike allen from politico tonight with us on "the ed show." >>> what is your church doing about health care? anything? i'm calling on the leadership of the christian community to explain to me where they stand, and when it
Aug 24, 2009 6:00pm EDT
there in montana. 47% of the people in montana want a public health insurance plan. 43% oppose it. that's according to a new research 2000 poll. this proves healthcare reform is not just a liberal issue. it's harder to find a redder state than montana. a lot of guns up there. plus baucus has got problems with the democratic base. 55% of montana democrats disapprove of his handling of healthcare. baucus is feeling the heat from lefties. he was getting hammered on a conference call with democrats last monday night and wound up saying, "i want a public option too." very interesting. now we know baucus likes the public option because he put it out at his healthcare playbook back in november after the election. he did that. so that's a position, a flip, and a flip. okay. so what's changed? the town hall nuts are making their knees shaky? is that what's going on? or is it all the industry money in the pockets? speaking of industry money, ken conrad, north dakota senator, chairman of the senate budget committee and wone of the gang f six, or musketeers of six on the finance committee. he's pushing the cra
Aug 13, 2009 6:00pm EDT
dissenting voices at these town hall meetings? when he goats to montana or colorado, or are they going to be orchestrated? we haven't seen anybody get up and challenge the president. >> it's interesting they haven't. i think probably what that shows you is that most people want to engage in a polite, civil discussion. the president got some challenging question when is he was in new hampshire. he asked for people who were skeptics, the public can buy tickets or get -- not buy, but can have access to the tickets to these events, but they're absolutely open to the public. he expects that and wants to answer those questions. so that he could ants the questions himself. >> i thought he did a heck of -- linda douglass thank you for joining us tonight. thank you. >> thanks, ed. >>> coming up on "the ed show," dr. doom and elected official believes the president wants to use a pandemic disease or natural disease as an excuse to declare martial law? stay with us. imodium multi-symptom relief combines two powerful medicines for fast relief of your diarrhea symptoms, so you can get back out ther
Aug 10, 2009 6:00pm EDT
's going to montana. but what's your position this morning in the wake of all this? >> i think the president has the guts and the sense to get his health care plan through. i think he's willing to compromise with congress about it. i don't think he's willing to compromise with heem who stand up and shout at town hall meetings. who are unpleasant, unfair and it's counter productive. if you've ever been at a town hall meeting or a speech or any kind of a meeting where somebody just stands up and starts yelling, that doesn't make you like that person or doesn't convince you of that person's argument. you hate it and you want it to stop. it doesn't do any good. >> do you think it might actually ignite the left grassroots to really get behind the president? it might be a counter-effect here? >> i think there will be a counter-effect. i think it actually might put a little steel in the spine of some congresspeople who are wavering on it. people don't like to stand there and get yelled at by organized hooligans. it doesn't make them feel good. they can read polls, they know how the pe
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5